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To certify retail stores with epidemic prevention measures


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The Outlet Anti-Epidemic Measures Recognition is to certify retail brands who have implemented epidemic prevention measures during the COVID-19 Pandemic in their physical stores to safeguard consumers' health and safety.




Get Consumers' Confidence in Shopping in Your Stores



10 essential epidemic measures will be assessed, which marked * below.  The application will be approved in 14 days after application fee is received.  Random checks by mystery shopper will be  conducted to the recognized retail stores. 

Application Fee

Member: HK$500 / brand

Non-member: HK$1,000 / brand

Free of charge to the following retail brands:

  • NEW Full Member and 2021 RENEWED Full Member who subscribed for 2-year / 3-year membership


  • Retail Brands of 2021 Quality Service Benchmarking Assessment who join at least 2 quarters


Certificate with an unique recognition number (sample is shown below) will be issued to the retail stores, which pass the assessment.  The certificate is an electronic version and can be printed out and shown at your stores to gain consumers' confidence in shopping at your stores.


The Anti-Epidemic Measures Award is free to join for those participating brands who submit this application before 31 Oct, 2020.  It aims to grant awards to those retailers who have implemented effective and innovative anti-epidemic measures on frontline staff, customers or retail store(s).  The result will be announced in end of December. 




Recognize retailers who have implemented effective and innovative anti-epidemic measures on frontline staff, customers or retail stores




Effective and innovative anti-epidemic measures on frontline staff, customers or retail stores

Industry Best Practices of Anti-epidemic Measures_1
Industry Best Practices of Anti-epidemic Measures_2
Industry Best Practices of Anti-epidemic Measures_3
Industry Best Practices of Anti-epidemic Measures_4
Industry Best Practices of Anti-epidemic Measures_5
Industry Best Practices of Anti-epidemic Measures_6
Industry Best Practices of Anti-epidemic Measures_7



Keep Your Customers Safe in Store 

(10 essential epidemic measures are marked with * below)

Measures at Entrance

*1. Measure body temperature of each customer at entrances
*2. Request customers to put on face mask before entering the stores
*3. Provide hand sanitizer or handwashing facilities for customers’ use when they enter the store to reduce the risk of transmission
4. Post clear guidance, such as signage and visual aids, on hygiene at entrance to customers on arrival
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In-Store Cleaning Protocols

5. Add hand sanitizer stations at entrances or at appropriate areas
*6. Apply store sanitization regularly
*7. Re-sanitize all carts and buggies or facilities after customers use
*8. Frequently clean work areas, objects and equipment between uses or that are touched regularly
*9. Provide adequate disposal arrangements for cleaning products
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Store Crowd Control and Customer Communication

10. Limit the number of customers in the store
11. In-store sampling may need to be suspended
12. Offer order fulfillment options for online orders such as locker pickup
13. Make sure to proactively communicate any business changes or product availability updates
14. Display notifications in a prominent place in the store and on your website
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Clear Instructions to Frontline Staff

15. Develop communication and training materials for new procedures
16. Train frontline staff to be on the lookout for customers exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19
17. Encourage frontline staff working side-by-side instead of face-to-face
*18. Supply protective equipment to frontline staff, such as face mask, safety helmets, gloves, eye protection etc.
* 19. Provide hygiene guidelines to frontline staff with clear instructions, for example, wash hands frequently, using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth, etc.
20. Implement a no-touching policy (no handshakes, hugs, or other close contact)
21.Disseminate reliable information from the relevant authorities to the frontline staff regularly
22. Split into teams, shift groups, fixed teams or partnering to reduce contact frequency
23. Provide support for frontline staff around mental health and wellbeing
*24. Ask staff to stay home if they are sick or have any symptoms
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Retail brands which have implemented anti-epidemic measures in their stores

More brands to come......

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12. Offer order fulfillment options for online orders such as locker pickup